Organizational change and HR support

Are you investigating or already facing a reorganization and have a need to make adjustments to your workforce? Or do you in any other way need extra resources and competences in addition to what your normal HR processes can provide? In that case, imoveri can help you.

We have specialized in solving exactly these challenges. We have long experience of managing and running HR departments’ work with transformation processes from companies such as Oriflame, L’Oréal, Lernia, Strängbetong, Ericsson etc. We are used to demanding environments where many simultaneous stakeholders (unions, private equity owners, management consultancies, owner families) need to be cooperated with and kept informed and content.

If you need HR support of a more general nature we can also provide that to your organization.



Other products

TRVS product

Total Rewards Value

Are you investing in the things your employee value the most, or do not value at all? Our solution will help you to understand the ROI on your largest investment and how you can optimize and secure a maximum outcome on a individual , departmental and organizational level.
WLBS product

Work-life balance

Do you know how your employees perceive their work environment? Our employee engagement solution helps you to reach insights into engagement, leadership, company values, and people development at your workplace.

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