Total Rewards Value Solution

The biggest cost area for most companies is the salaries, benefits and other employee related compensation costs ("Total Rewards").

A detailed follow-up on which investments are successful or not are standard practice in for example Marketing, IT, Logistics or Sales, where the analysis of the investments follows a strict regime with the help of various analytical tools. In sharp contrast to this, the largest cost area (Total Rewards) is strangely not analyzed in the same structured way.

Instead, companies usually evaluate the aggregated costs of different compensations and benefits based on a given budget and then tailor their compensation packages by following what is considered industry standards, a set order of how the company has compensated its employees in the past or in some other arbitrary way.

What the employees, the subjects of the biggest cost area, are motivated by and want their compensation packages to look like is often overlooked in current compensation and benefits practices. Until now, that is.

imoveri provides a sophisticated analysis methodology that generates a strategic management tool for our clients. We help our clients to secure a maximum outcome of their largest investment.

With our innovative research design we will make a complete analysis of your largest cost area and compare the current investment with the actual perceived value from your employees.

With help of relevant, accurate high quality statistical data we create a detailed deviation analysis between your present spending and the employees preferred distribution. This gives you great control of the ROI of your largest investment and detailed knowledge of your potential optimization possibilities.

Below you will find an example from our deviation analysis report:

Total Rewards Value

The imoveri methodology will

  • give you a detailed knowledge about the ROI of your company´s largest cost area
  • give you a tool to optimize your company´s largest investment
  • give you great knowledge of the perceived value among your employees
  • give you a great understanding of what motivates your employees and how you can become an even more attractive employer

Our analyses will prove very helpful for your company whether you need to

Total Rewards Value



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