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Work-life inbalance is a growing concern among employees and employers alike. Physical, mental and social well-being among employees is a hygiene factor in all organizations. Yet, it is often hard for companies to target such a complex and far-reaching phenomenon as work-life balance, not the least since well-being is the result of many aspects of life within and outside the workplace, all around the clock. In addition, the form and content of a healthy and meaningful work-life balance varies across individuals and organization, which means that one standard recipe cannot be applied on all organizations.

The imoveri Work-Life balance system provides you with the solution to this problem. Our solution brings detailed insights on how to improve work-life balance on individual, departmental and organizational levels. The solution takes four main categories into consideration, subdivided into an equal number of physical, mental and social question types. We make use of conjoint analysis, a state-of-the-art unique methodology which let your employees make trade-offs in order to reveal their real priorities.

Below you will find a chart describing the different aspects considered and evaluated in our Work-life Balance solution

Work-life balance

The imoveri Work-Life balance Solution will:

  • give you a great understanding of your company's most important asset - the employees
  • give you tools to decipher if and how improvements in the work-life balance should target physical, mental or social well-being
  • create big potential cost savings due to reduced employee turnover, reduced sick leave and rehabilitation costs, reduced costs for executive search, headhunting and on the job training for new employees
  • create higher productivity and motivation among the employees due to improved health, safety and job satisfaction

Work-life balance around the clock

Work-life balance



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